FDD-331-TC Series:

The FDD-331 series are suitable for simultaneous testing of medium and large size Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) or Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Sensors. This model is a three axis, high precision test stand equipped with a large temperature chamber. The size of the useful chamber volume permits the testing of several UUT’s simultaneously. Since most of the test time is used reaching or dwelling at defined temperature levels, testing multiple units reduces the test and calibration cost considerably.


  • Precise absolute positioning, high rate accuracy with no drift, excellent rate stability in all axes
  • Temperature chamber with open-loop cooling using carbon dioxide (CO2) coolant
  • AC direct drive in all axes
  • Slip rings for data transmission from / to device under test
  • Customize Table platen design to customer’s specification, different material, size and design

Controller Features

  • Nonlinear multi variable centralize controller
  • Robustness to load changing
  • High interaction rejection
  • Command reconstruction
  • Resonance rejection with excellent loop shaping operation
  • Real time interfaces UDP (Up to 4 kHz) , RS-422 / RS-232

Control Modes

  • RATE